BKW expands wind power – and is already living in the future of energy

Climate change is our reality, and both the economy and society are moving toward a carbon-neutral world with the energy transition. The demand for green energy will steadily increase over the coming years, and we will experience the electrification of numerous areas of our lives. BKW has already arrived in the energy future – and is constantly expanding its portfolio of renewable energy production plants. The most current example is the acquisition of six wind farms in France.


BKW has been constructing and operating renewable energy plants in Switzerland and Europe for years. And this development isn’t stopping: BKW is aiming to increase its portfolio of new renewable energies to more than one gigawatt (GW) of installed capacity by 2026, thus making a further contribution to a sustainable energy future. With the acquisition of six wind farms in northern France with an installed capacity of 105.7 megawatts (MW), BKW is taking a huge step in this direction. This acquisition increases BKW’s portfolio of new renewable energy facilities of 700 MW by 15%. Last year, BKW concluded a cooperation agreement with the development firm Ibernordic. The collaboration opens up new doors for the acquisition of photovoltaic systems in Italy with an installed capacity of up to 250 MW over the next few years. 


Renewable electricity for more than 55,000 households

Margarita Aleksieva, Head of the Wind & Solar business division says: «With this purchase in the Somme region of northern France, BKW has taken a major step for impact investing* in the attractive area of wind power.» The installations were put into operation between September 2018 and August 2021 and provide about 250 GWh of green electricity to the grid each year. This amount of electricity suffices for the consumption of around 55,000 households.

BKW has acquired complete ownership of the wind farms from French investment firms Mirova and Rive. The acquisition will enable synergies with current BKW activities in the field of wind energy in France. Following the acquisition, it will have a portfolio of 11 wind farms with around 170 MW of installed capacity in France. BKW can therefore rely on its existing processes and country-specific expertise for the operation and maintenance of the new plants.

For the continued expansion of wind and solar power, BKW is looking not just at France but also the focus markets of Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Norway and Sweden.

Margarita Aleksieva
Margarita Aleksieva, Head of the Wind & Solar business division at BKW

BKW plans the expansion of wind power in Switzerland

BKW produces part of its wind energy in Switzerland: with the Juvent wind farm, it operates by far the largest installation in Switzerland (37.2 MW of installed capacity). BKW is pursuing two additional wind power projects in Switzerland:  

  • The «Prés de la Montagne – Montbautier» project in Mont-Tramelan (canton of Bern) has a successfully completed all approval processes to date. Following the rejection by the Bern administrative court of objections against the planning of the project in May 2021, all that’s left is a ruling by the Federal Supreme Court. The project can then go into the implementation phase.
  • The municipalities of Cortébert and Corgémont in Bern’s Jura mountains approved the Jeanbrenin project with more than 90% of the vote in June 2021. The canton of Bern and the federal government, as well as the Stiftung Landschaftsschutz Schweiz, have spoken out in favour of the project. However, the group Verband Freie Landschaft Schweiz has announced that it intends to file an appeal.

Over 75% renewable energy as of 2023

In addition to wind and solar plants, BKW is also extending its hydropower. The small hydropower plant Wiler-Kippel in the Lötschental valley was commissioned last autumn. There are currently two power plants being developed in the canton of Bern: one near Wimmis (Augand power plant) and one in the Lauterbrunnen valley (Sousbach power plant). BKW is constructing a third in the Val Calanca valley (Arvigo power plant). The construction of the plants is financed by what is known as the BKW’s green bond. The aim of this green bond is to increase the installed capacity of BKW power plants to 75% renewable energy by 2023.


hydropower plant Wiler-Kippel
The hydropower plant Wiler-Kippel in the Lötschental.

* Impact investing refers to investments in companies, organisations and funds with the specific aim of achieving a measurable, positive impact on the environment or society in addition to a positive financial return.


Combining onshore wind turbines and photovoltaic installations

Combining onshore wind turbines and photovoltaic installations

BKW is investing in photovoltaic installations in southern Italy. But what does a Danish company have to do with all of that?

Our contribution to sustainability 

With our actions, products and services, we are contributing to the sustainable development of society, the economy and the environment. BKW develops solutions for the design of sustainable infrastructures and living spaces. In doing so, it is committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. You can find out more about our approach to sustainability management here.



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