BKW’s origins lie in energy production, storage and marketing. As an energy supplier, we believe in handling our resources responsibly across all these areas. 

The energy landscape of the future is more complex, but also offers many new opportunities. We want to help our customers harness these. That’s why, as well as energy, we offer a broad range of energy-related services and integrated solutions.

Our expertise

We provide electricity to a large number of people within our supply area. To energy suppliers, industrial and SME customers, as well as other customer segments, we offer an attractive portfolio of products and services related to energy in all its forms. These services range from energy procurement to grid and connection services through to individual consulting and customer solutions.



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Energy trading and marketing

We market and trade electricity and all essentially relevant commodities in various European marketplaces, in conjunction with experienced analysis and regulatory teams. State-of-the-art optimisation of production facilities and sales portfolios is both our starting point and long-term orientation. This enables us to offer tailor-made solutions for customers that are not or only partially active in wholesale energy markets.

Energy marketing

Energy marketing

We support energy suppliers with direct marketing of renewable energies, with the pooling of production and with the optimization of the production schedule.

Building and operating power plants

We build and operate power plants using all the current plant technologies in Switzerland and Europe. Alongside traditional electricity production, we also operate district heating systems in Switzerland and develop energy management systems for photovoltaic installations.


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