Energy marketing

Do you own or operate a hydropower plant, an emergency power generator or a waste incineration plant? We help you to determine the ideal deployment schedule and generate additional revenue.

Direct marketing of renewable energy and long-term electricity marketing (PPA)

Do you have renewable power plants in Germany, Switzerland, Italy or France, and are you looking for a marketer? With or without a subsidy scheme, operating in the short or long term, electricity, green electricity or green certificates – we can offer you marketing opportunities. From our no-risk all-inclusive package to straightforward market access for self-marketing, BKW can support your project. Get in touch and then let’s work together to realise your potential.


Flexibility assessment and marketing

Do you have an asset portfolio with flexible production, storage capacities or options for energy conversion – in other words the flexibility for optimal deployment, just waiting for professional marketing? Then get in touch with us and we’ll start by analysing your current situation and identifying your potential for additional yield. We’d be happy to assist you with deployment optimisation and marketing.


Pooling of small generating plants and control energy marketing

Do you own small, flexible production or storage facilities such as combined heat and power plants, small hydropower plants, emergency generators or batteries? You have flexibility in your consumption such as HVAC systems or industrial consumers with small flexibility? Then become part of our virtual power plant. With this, we offer small customers the opportunity to participate in the various markets for flexibility such as system service, spot or intraday markets. At the same time, you benefit from the hedging of your marketed power across our entire power plant pool. Are you interested? Then contact us and let us identify your revenue potentials by participating in our virtual power plant.