Pooling of small generation plants and consumers for control energy marketing

Secure regular revenues and play an active role in the implementation of the energy transition. Join Powerflex - the BKW control pool.

To keep the power grid stable, electricity production and consumption must be balanced at all times. To this end, the Swiss transmission system operator Swissgrid procures primary, secondary and tertiary control power on the control energy market. Controllable plants are made available for a fee to be ramped up or down in an emergency. However, most companies do not have the necessary capacity with their plants to participate independently in the balancing energy market. This is exactly what Powerflex makes possible by pooling small-scale and variably available plants and offers you the chance to benefit from the attractive prices of the balancing energy market. If your plants meet the requirements of Powerflex, they are integrated into the control pool via a secure connection, for example via the Powerflex Box.

Winter reserve

BKW is one of the partners selected by the Swiss government to set up a virtual reserve power plant consisting of emergency generators. During the winter months (February to April), we strengthen Switzerland's security of supply and counter potential energy shortages. Your participation is crucial to maintain the balance of energy supply. Learn more about the benefits that await you and how you can contribute your plant.

How it works

The marketing revenues consist on the one hand of the revenues from the provision of power, the plant standby, and on the other hand of the remuneration for a plant call. Based on the availability of your plants, the profit distribution between you and BKW is defined accordingly. 

The following plant types are particularly suitable for Powerflex from an available capacity of 200 kW per plant or plant pool: 

  • Combined heat and power plants 
  • Small hydroelectric power plants 
  • Emergency power generators 
  • Batteries 
  • Industrial consumers 
  • Heating/ventilation and cooling systems

Contact our team today for more information and to prepare your assets for participation in Powerflex. Our service in the balancing energy market is independent of your electricity supplier. 

Your benefits

  • Regular revenue for plant standby and calls
  • We handle trading activities, switching and billing for you
  • You retain full control over your operational processes
  • No penalties in the event of short-term plant unavailability
  • Control center operation 24/7