Netiquette on digital channels

We want to communicate with our community through our presence on digital channels. A lively and constructive discussion culture is important to us and is something we aim for.

All persons who communicate publicly on our channels or send us direct messages must abide by our netiquette code.

Any posts that are published publicly and do not comply with our netiquette code will be removed.

The following posts or comments are not tolerated under our netiquette code:

  • Any posts or messages that are not directly related to the respective topic.
  • Statements and messages that are illegal, offensive, obscene, defamatory, malicious, insulting, slanderous, damaging to business or reputation, pornographic or racist.
  • Posts and messages that discriminate against others on the following grounds, for example:
    - their religion,
    - origin, ethnicity or nationality,
    - their economic circumstances, 
    - their sexual orientation, 
    - their age or gender,
    - their philosophical or political convictions,
    - their physical or mental disabilities.
  • Statements and messages that could be understood to instigate violence or other criminal offences.
  • Advertisements and propaganda, including ones that relate to the issues mentioned.
  • Verbal abuse towards BKW employees.
  • Unverifiable accusations or allegations of any kind.
  • Infringement of third-party intellectual property (copyright, trademark law etc.).

Users who repeatedly break the netiquette code will be blocked from further communication after a first warning. We reserve the right to notify the platform operator or the responsible authorities.