Corporate Responsibility

Climate change, urbanisation, resource scarcity and habitat loss are presenting challenges to our society. We are helping to build a future worth living by supplying sustainable solutions in energy, buildings and infrastructure. We use our resources efficiently and take responsibility as an employer and business partner.

Sustainability Report 2021

At BKW, we make a major contribution to sustainability – together with our customers, employees, suppliers and other partners. Our Sustainability Report offers a detailed look at this commitment. In this report, we set out the principles that guide our actions and what we expect of our partners. For the first time, we have determined the greenhouse gas (GHG) balance for our entire company (see p. 12). We paint a broad picture of BKW’s contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by providing additional figures and specific examples. And with concise forecasts, we also indicate where we are headed in the future.

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Our commitment in numbers

Our responsibility

We assume our social responsibility for sustainable development. As an international, forward-looking energy and infrastructure service provider, we use the latest technologies and innovations to handle our resources efficiently. We increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and strengthen the resilience of living spaces and infrastructures.

By investing in renewable energies, intelligent grids, sustainable infrastructure and innovative storage and control solutions, we are making a significant contribution to reducingcarbonemissions and minimising dependence on fossil fuels. In this way, we are contributing to the UN’s 2030 Agenda development goals.

A partner of Sustainable Switzerland

A partner of Sustainable Switzerland

BKW is a partner of the sustainability platform Sustainable Switzerland. The national initiative aims to highlight the sustainable development of the Swiss economy and add value for society as a whole. Together, we’re making Switzerland more sustainable, pro-moting dialogue and pushing for action.

An integrated approach for society and the environment

  • Sustainability management: We are aligning our efforts with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and we are committed to responsible business practices.
  • Solutions for society: We create sustainable solutions which empower our customers to make their own contribution to a future worth living.
  • Responsibility for our environment: We use our resources efficiently while reducing our emissions and minimising environmental and climate risks.
  • Responsibility for people: We assume social responsibility for our employees and society as a whole, both as an employee and business partner.

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