Energy Balance: energy procurement with maximum flexibility

Would you like to benefit from maximum flexibility for your procurement strategy? With Energy Balance, you combine long-term hedging on the derivatives market with an open supply share of any size, which is procured on the spot market.

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The procurement solution for professionals


With Energy Balance you have the option of implementing your procurement strategy over several years. Procure any quantity via standard products on the wholesale market (base/peak) or profiles from BKW or third parties. The difference between your forward market position and the actual energy procurement is transparently settled and invoiced or credited at spot prices.

With Energy Business, BKW provides you with a digital customer portal that enables you to procure tranches with minimal effort. In addition, you can launch tenders directly from the portal.

  • Individual

    Procurement strategy adapted to your needs


  • Flexible

    Choose yourself how much you procure on the forward or spot market


  • Multi-vendor

    Procurement of derivatives market products via tender at the always best price


  • Digital

    Management and procurement via the digital customer portal Energy Business with extensive additional functionalities


Energy Balance Flat

In the flat-rate Energy Balance Flat model, BKW produces a day-ahead forecast based on the initial forecast and other influencing factors. In this model, the balancing energy is compensated with a flat fee on the load profile total.

Choose Energy Balance Flat if ...

... you have a consumption of more than 2 000 MWh or are an energy supply company,

... you would like to freely combine the forward market and open supply share in your procurement strategy,

... you would like to benefit from a multi-supplier strategy or are affected by public procurement law. 


  • Combination of long-term hedging on the futures market with BKW or third parties with an open delivery share of any size.
  • Flat fee for balancing energy – no risk
  • Multi-vendor capability

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Energy Balance Transparent

For customers with large production plants or with energy purchases of more than 30 000 MWh, the transparent model can make sense under certain conditions in order to optimise their costs. They are responsible for the forecast and its quality. The more accurate the forecast, the lower the effective costs for balancing energy. These are calculated on the basis of the quantity deviation between the day-ahead forecast and the net position in delivery as well as the tariffs of Swissgrid. As a BKW customer, you benefit from a nesting effect that leads to a reduction in costs.

Choose Energy Balance Transparent if ...

... you have a consumption of more than 30 000 MWh or are an energy supply company,

... you want to optimise the costs for balancing energy,

… you want to freely combine the derivatives market and the open supply share and benefit from a multi-supplier strategy.


  • Combination of long-term hedging on the futures market with BKW or third parties with an open supply share of any size.
  • In addition, optimise the costs for balancing energy
  • Benefit from the nesting effect of the BKW balance group

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Energy Business ‒ Your digital customer portal

Energy Business ‒ Your digital customer portal

Smart energy management with the Energy Business digital platform.

Follow the market developments

Due to the continuing volatility on the electricity markets, energy procurement remains challenging for companies. We accompany you with our expertise and provide you with the necessary know-how to make sound decisions.


Regular webinars on electricity price trends

Regular webinars on electricity price trends

When is the right time to close? We give you an update on current developments and expectations in the free webinar every fortnight.

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More electricity offers

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The most frequently asked questions about Energy Balance

The procurement date is central to the energy price of standard products on the derivatives market. The energy price is subject to strong fluctuations on the market depending on various factors such as supply and demand, weather conditions, geopolitical events and other influencing factors. By cleverly choosing the time of procurement, potential price advantages can be exploited. With the Energy Balance procurement solution, you can optimise your energy price even further through a multi-supplier strategy or tenders.

The spot market is the day-ahead market where electricity is traded for the next day. This is where supply and demand meet to set the current spot price. The spot price is created by a combination of electricity supply and demand forecasts, weather forecasts, planned maintenance work on power plants, etc.

The spot price can vary greatly and is announced at 11 a.m. the day before for the next day. Since the spot price depends on various factors, it cannot be predicted precisely. According to the processes of the spot exchange, the price spectrum currently ranges from –500 to +3 000 EUR/MWh for the Swiss market. The current prices are publicly available on EPEXSPOT (Market Data | EPEX SPOT).


Balancing energy arises when there is a difference between the forecast (day ahead) and the actual electricity consumption per quarter hour. If this difference exists, balancing energy is used to maintain the balance in the electricity grid. In Switzerland, the tariffs for balancing energy are determined by Swissgrid AG in accordance with the applicable legal provisions and the regulatory provisions of the Swiss Federal Electricity Commission (ElCom). These prices are public.

  • Market information: daily updated market prices and curves for electricity, coal, gas, CO2, exchange rates; plus daily market commentary by BKW Trading to assess trends and developments in the energy market. 
  • Market reports: monthly market report for a comprehensive overview of current market events.
  • Visualisation of load profiles: period-related visualisation and evaluation of measurement time series/measurement points in load profiles.
  • Invoices and contracts: documents can be viewed and downloaded as PDFs.
  • Energy procurement: digital purchase list with the option of direct conclusion or enquiry with BKW for the purchase and sale of standard electricity products and profiles; tools for importing and rolling out profiles; price indication and change for each position in the purchase list; price alarm by e-mail and SMS for exceeding and falling below limits on positions in the purchase list.
  • Reporting: online reporting with overview of energy positions and costs by delivery year

The customer can purchase additional Energy Business options. You can find more information here. 

Several steps are required to develop an effective procurement strategy for your electricity purchases.

  • Start with an analysis of your electricity consumption and demand to better estimate your future needs over the next few years.
  • Decide on the type of forward market products that are eligible for your procurement strategy and whether you want to plan for an open supply share.
  • Spread price risks by making partial procurements over a period of several years.
  • Monitor market movements regularly and adjust your procurement strategy/tactics as needed.

If you wish, BKW can support you in drawing up a procurement strategy and advise you on tactical decisions. Contact your customer advisor for more information on this topic.

With the Energy Balance procurement solution, you have the option of making a tender for each derivatives market procurement. This process is digitally supported by our customer portal and our business partner Enmacc.

With the Energy Balance procurement solution, you have the option of making a public tender for each derivatives market procurement. This process is digitally supported by our customer portal and our business partner Enmacc. If you have any questions about your specific situation, you can always contact your customer advisor.

With the Energy Balance product, the difference between your forward market position and your effective procurement is settled transparently at spot prices (in the transparent model, part of this is settled at Swissgrid AE tariffs).


Yes. With the Energy Balance procurement solution, you can freely choose your mix of forward market hedging and open supply share (spot).


Yes. BKW also offers these services. Contact your customer advisor to find out more.


With the Energy Balance product, derivatives market, spot and balancing energy are billed transparently every month. It is possible that these invoices will be delivered on a deferred basis. Derivatives market procurements that you have carried out with third parties (cf. multi-supplier strategy) are invoiced to you directly by these service providers.


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