Supplementary services for energy procurement

BKW offers its customers various services relating to smart energy procurement. At the heart of these services is a digital platform that can be used to handle commodities as well as more complex procurement models. The platform is complemented by personalised advisory services. We also take care of all balance group issues.

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Individual advice for procurement


If not already covered by the procurement models and within the digital platform, we offer individual advice in the areas of market and portfolio consulting as well as procurement strategy.


The agenda for market and portfolio consulting is developed in consultation with the customer. The customer can send BKW questions about individual markets or the strategic positioning of certain products in advance. As a rule, several appointments are held each year, either on site or via digital channels.

BKW’s portfolio managers continuously monitor the key energy markets and identify the most important drivers. This way you are always informed, in terms of both the past and the future.

In addition, we support you in buying and selling decisions on the futures market for electricity.

Together with you, BKW prepares an initial forecast for consumption (load profile total ) and, if required, for feed-in / production (feed-in profile total). As a basis for preparing the initial forecast, we use, among other things, historical measurement data, operational holiday planning / revision planning and any new locations or new relevant consumers and installations.

We work closely with you to develop a specific procurement strategy. The impact of past market developments on the portfolio and the procurement strategy is reviewed and corrected, if necessary, during regular strategy meetings. 

The strategies cover the following topics:

  • Analysis of the load profile as well as monitoring for special features (seasonal effects, volatility) and associated impact on sales and in-house production. 
  • Segmentation of the sales portfolio (secured v. unsecured sales) and structuring in standard products.  
  • Analysis of the customer’s other internal conditions (e.g. analysis of existing risk guidelines, analysis of strategic orientation as well as personnel requirements) and external framework conditions.
  • Processing and evaluation of various procurement strategies and selection of the final strategy by segment (type, products and period of procurement; upper limit; determination of dynamic limits).
  • Processing of the risk framework for the procurement strategy on the basis of existing rules as well as specification of processes, including definition of limits (stop loss/take profit).
  • Adjustments as part of a pre-defined review process.
  • Ad hoc adjustments due to significant changes in key framework conditions after consultation between BKW and the customer..

We create a daily report for you with your current procurement situation for energy and guarantees of origin. This includes an illustration of the consumption forecast, energy feed-in, energy coverage and open positions as well as a procurement overview of all forward market transactions already carried out, their degree of coverage and a transaction overview/deal history.

Based on your individual market expertise and our assessment of future market developments, we develop and evaluate various procurement tactics and support you in your purchasing decision. We also work with you to determine the level of individual procurement limits within the procurement window. Various types of limits can be defined. 


BKW provides you with a short-term forecast (load / feed-in / net) for the next delivery days as a power time series. The forecasts are provided daily in the BKW Energy Business portal and can be adjusted by the customer if necessary. The conditions for the forecasting services are regulated in a separate "BKW Energy Asset" contract.

HPFC "long term

We provide you with the HPFC for the desired market area (CH, D, F) in the desired currency (CHF, EUR) and in the desired time horizon (typically 3 front years) as a price time series. The HPFC price curve is sent daily as a csv file by e-mail. 

HPFC "short term"

You receive the HPFC for the desired market area (CH, D, F) in the desired currency (CHF, EUR) in a short-term forecast period (typically 8 days) as a price time series. The HPFC price curve is sent daily as a csv file by e-mail. Alternatively, access to the data can be set up via an API interface in BKW Energy Business. 

Many other functions and options such as multi-supplier management, position evaluation and various forecasting tools are available on request. 


With Energy Business, BKW offers a unique energy procurement and management platform for energy supply companies and major customers

Regelmässige Webinare zum Strompreis mit Ausblick und Empfehlungen

Regelmässige Webinare zum Strompreis mit Ausblick und Empfehlungen

Die Strompreise sind aktuell mit Unsicherheiten und Volatilitäten verbunden. Wir begleiten Sie durch diese anspruchsvolle Zeit und vermitteln Ihnen das nötige Know-How für Ihre Strombeschaffung.

Balance group services

Are you looking for a competent, reliable and efficient service partner to whom you can entrust your energy positions, metering points or schedule management?


With BKW’s balance group management services and energy account, you benefit from excellent interlacing and thus reduce your balance energy costs. Thanks to BKW’s flexible models, you can decide for yourself which service modules to utilise and can therefore maintain an independent market presence.


In addition to registration and timely matching of transactions within the framework of balance group management, we are happy to support you with services relating to schedule nomination and renomination. We have 24/7 operations and can ensure schedule messages and capacity limits across Europe in the following markets: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK.


With the post-scheduling adjustment service, we assume your deviation positions in day-after trading and optimise them on a multi-level basis in bilateral trading and on post-scheduling markets. In this way, we reduce your balance energy and you save energy and process costs.


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