Roche turns to BKW network for building automation

F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG is flying high at its headquarters in Basel. Following the Roche Tower, Switzerland’s tallest building, its next major project is the construction of the new “pRED Innovation Center”, designed by top architects Herzog & de Meuron. The two BKW Building Solutions companies Sigren Engineering and swisspro NW are playing a key role in the work.

The two Roche Towers in Basel are visible from afar. One of the high-rise buildings has already been completed, and the other is still under construction. On the same site, four new laboratory and office buildings of varying heights (up to 114 metres) are now being planned under the project name “pRED”.

State-of-the-art automation solution for research and laboratory building

Sigren Engineering AG won the tender for Roche’s pRED project with its modern solution. One factor that impressed Roche was Sigren’s experience with large projects, such as the automation of “The Circle” at Zurich Airport, the biggest construction project in Switzerland. Sigren CEO, Ruedi Sturzenegger, is extremely proud: “Roche has shown a great deal of confidence in us and our experience from the start, and we are pleased to be part of this exciting project.”

Sigren Engineering is responsible for the entire building automation on the state-of-the-art laboratory premises. This will include the complete management and operation of the technical building systems, such as cooling, ventilation and heating, as well as the room automation. Sigren is deploying its SIGEBA lifecycle and engineering platform to ensure a high level of data consistency from planning through to operation. This results in a complete “digital twin” of all the technical systems in the building, which then serves as the basis for smart building applications in the operational phase.


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Long-standing partnership between swisspro NW and Roche

The pRED project will also give swisspro NW the opportunity to build on its existing partnership with Roche. In 2019, it was awarded the project contract for the temporary site facilities, the lightning protection, and for laying the pipes in the floors and walls. In January 2020 it was awarded a further major contract for the electrical installation work in the parking garage, which covers an area of more than 24,000 square metres (around the same size as three and a half football pitches) across three underground floors. At the end of 2021, swisspro NW received an additional commission to install part of the cabling for the laboratory and research areas. Philipp Lütold, Managing Director of swisspro NW: Roche is one of our biggest clients and contractual partners in the Basel region. They have been counting on our reliable work for years.”

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Merging automation and electrical engineering for future solutions

Sigren Engineering is working closely with swisspro NW on this project at their shared site in Allschwil. The long-term goal of both companies is to support Roche not only in the completion of pRED, but also with future service and maintenance and future projects as well. They see the collaboration with Roche as an excellent starting point for offering clients outstanding electrical and automation solutions together in the future. This creates synergies, shortens decision paths and streamlines communication, which in turn saves both time and money while increasing efficiency.


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