Full renovation of the Tägi Sports Centre in Wettingen

With the full renovation, the municipality of Wettingen achieved the Minergie standard for the historic Tägi leisure, sport and event centre in the Canton of Aargau. A1 Elektro AG, a member of the BKW Building Solutions AG network, played a significant role in the project.

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The municipality of Wettingen set new standards with the full renovation of the Tägi. The expert team from the BKW Building Solutions network refurbished all of the electrical systems, reconfigured the electricity distribution and installed a photovoltaic system on the roof of the ice rink.

The modernised and expanded facility allows visitors to enjoy a unique experience. The Tägi now benefits from much more efficient and user-friendly operations. The renovation reduced the energy needed for heating by 60%. The new Tägi thus meets the Minergie standard in every respect, down to the smallest detail.


Our tasks

  • Full refurbishment of the electrical installations
  • Installation of the electricity distribution system for cooling the ice rinks as well as for treating and softening the water in the athletic hall
  • Installation of technical systems (PA system, evacuation system, emergency lighting, clocks)
  • Provision of power for 350 households thanks to the photovoltaic system on the roof of the ice rink
Portrait of Marco Baumann, CEO of Tägi AG
«We wanted to maintain the building’s structure while updating the infrastructure and technology to the latest standard in order to ensure the sustainability of the systems.»
Marco Baumann, client and CEO of Tägi AG


Construction type

Electrical installations, photovoltaic systems

Contruction style

Full renovation


Public sector

Carried work

High and low voltage systems, electrical systems, photovoltaic systems

Project manager

Omer Dzaferi (A1 Elektro AG)


Wettingen municipal administration


Tägi AG


Scheitlin Syfrig Architekten AG

Construction cost

CHF 46.5 million investment volume

Installation cost

CHF 2.1 million installation costs

Project description

The Tägi leisure, sport and event centre is an Aargau institution. More than just about any other location it is the social and athletic pulse of the canton. With a garden and indoor swimming pool, hall for games and sports, artificial ice rink, mini golf course, numerous options for culture, food, wellness and accommodation, as well as an exhibition centre, it attracts around 400,000 visitors a year. And it also sets a national standard: the Tägi is the largest facility of its type in Switzerland.

It was built in 1974 and over 40 years later, in 2020, the Tägi needed a full renovation as well as several extensions. The construction work included the refurbishment of the building’s technical systems as well as the building shell, the addition of a new roof to both ice rinks, and an expansion of the facilities to include another children’s area and a water slide. A key part of the CHF 46.5 million project was the optimisation of the energy balance and thus a reduction of Wettingen’s operating costs.

Minergie in the old building

A1 Elektro AG installed high and low voltage systems and applied its expertise in the area of renewable energies. The expert team refurbished the entire electrical system and reconfigured the electricity distribution. This included the cooling system for the two ice rinks as well as water treatment and softening in the athletic hall – everything had to be reconnected and rewired.

Portrait of Omer Dzaferi, Project Manager at A1 Elektro AG
«The project to fully renovate the Tägi was one of the most challenging and wonderful tasks in the history of our company.»
Omer Dzaferi, Project Manager at A1 Elektro AG

Photos of the renovation

Renewable energies for Wettingen

Geothermal heat pumps provide heat for the indoor facilities. When it comes to renewable energies, the photovoltaic system on the roof of the ice rink really stands out. The electricity produced is directed to the Elektrizitäts- und Wasserwerk Wettingen AG grid and is enough to power around 350 households. “This means we comply with the city’s requirements and make an important contribution to the optimisation of the CO2balance,” says Marco Baumann, CEO of Tägi AG.