Long-term electricity marketing (PPA)

Discover the advantages of working with BKW when you enter into a power purchase agreement (PPA) with us.

Working with BKW – your benefits


  • We are active across Europe with a focus on Germany, France, Italy and the Nordics
  • If you are looking for post-subsidies options or a long-term PPA for your renewable project, we offer both short-term contracts (one year) and long-term contracts (up to 10 years) with flexibility to suit your project needs
  • Whether you are seeking a fixed price for power or an indexation to market price, we have the solution for you
  • If you are a consumer looking to source green energy – we have a wide range of offerings across markets to suit your energy procurement needs
  • BKW is a reliable counterparty with an outstanding credit rating, a high level of equity and securities ensuring your financial security.
  • Strategic

    Are you thinking far into the future? Then this solution fits your long-term procurement strategy!


  • Compatible

    This solution is compatible with the Energy Balance procurement solution or third-party solutions.


  • Transparent

    Receive an offer for up to 10 contract years with a single average price.


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