Energy Relax in tranches: staggered procurement

Would you like to benefit from price fluctuations on the market by procuring your electricity in several tranches at different times? Energy Relax in tranches combines budget security and flexibility.

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The procurement solution for strategists


With Energy Relax in tranches, you have the option of purchasing your energy spread over several years. Divide your consumption profile into as many tranches as you like and procure them at different times and market prices. You have complete flexibility as to when you buy the individual tranches. With the purchase of the last tranche, the price for the corresponding year is fixed. This is the average of the prices of all tranches.


  • Strategic

    Active participation in market development


  • Individual

    Appropriate procurement strategy with regular review


  • Plannable

    Fixed electricity tariff over the supply year after procurement of all partial quantities


  • Digital

    Access to the Energy Business customer portal with extensive functionalities


BKW provides you with a digital solution that allows you to purchase the individual tranches with minimal effort. In addition, you can view the procurements you have already made. BKW recommends rolling procurement over three years as standard.

For customers with a consumption of over 2 000 MWh, this product is only offered with a maximum tolerance limit of 10%. The costs/revenues incurred in relation to energy consumption outside the tolerance limit are charged or credited on a monthly basis.

Energy Relax in tranches

Choose Energy Relax in tranches if ... 

... you have a consumption of 500 to 10 000 MWh,

... you want to spread your procurement over several points in time in order to reduce the market price risk,

... you are interested in a long-term procurement strategy and are prepared to implement it with little additional effort,

... planning and budget security are important to you.


  • Reduced market price risk through staggered procurement
  • Little additional effort due to long-term procurement strategy
  • High plannability and budget security

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Tranche Weekly

Tranche Weekly

Sie wollen das Beschaffungsrisiko verteilen ohne zusätzlichen Aufwand zu haben? Die BKW beschafft für Sie regelmässig Ihre Energie in Tranchen. Die Dienstleistung ist für Kunden ab 500 MWh.

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This is what our customers say

Firmenlogo Stämpfli Gruppe
«For the Stämpfli Group, flexible procurement on the electricity market is of central importance in order to ensure solid planning security. By using the Relax tranche solution, we have the option of purchasing electricity requirements for the coming years on a daily basis via BKW’s user-friendly portal. The purchase of all tranches for the corresponding year results in a fixed average price for our electricity requirements. This solution not only offers an interesting procurement model, but we have also found a suitable procurement partner. »
Michael Bieli, Purchasing Manager Stämpfli AG
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«As a gravel and concrete producer, the uncomplicated purchase of electricity is of great importance. BKW’s portal offers fast, simple and clear handling, which is informative, user-friendly and can be accessed at any time and from anywhere in the world using the secure login. Purchasing in tranches can be planned, involves a calculable price risk and ensures careful budgeting. A thoroughly positive and successful procurement option!»
Daniel Lädrach, Managing Director Daepp Beton

Energy Business ‒ Your digital customer portal

Energy Business ‒ Your digital customer portal

Smart energy management with the Energy Business digital platform

Explanatory video Energy Business- Relax in tranches (in German)

Follow the market developments

Due to the continuing volatility on the electricity markets, energy procurement remains challenging for companies. We accompany you with our expertise and provide you with the necessary know-how to make sound decisions.


Regular webinars on electricity price trends

Regular webinars on electricity price trends

When is the right time to close? We give you an update on current developments and expectations in the free webinar every fortnight.

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More electricity offers

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The most frequently asked questions about Energy Relax in tranches

The time of procurement is central to the price of energy. The energy price is subject to strong fluctuations in the market depending on various factors such as supply and demand, weather conditions, geopolitical events and other influencing factors. The timing of the deal can have a significant impact on the final price. By cleverly choosing the time of procurement, potential price advantages can be exploited.


The final average price is determined by the volume-weighted procurement price incl. surcharge of all tranches.


Energy Business is BKW's digital customer portal for customers in the free market. With the Relax in tranches product, you can view and purchase the tranches you have procured and those that are still open on Energy Business at any time. In addition, you have access to information on electricity market developments, your contract documents and invoices, as well as your energy purchases/load profile.

When the contract is concluded, your specific reference profile is rolled out over the contract years, i.e. a long-term forecast is created. This profile is divided into the desired number of tranches, which can be procured independently of each other in terms of time. BKW provides you with details of a proven standard procurement strategy. On request, your customer advisor can help you to adapt this strategy to your specific needs.


For customers with a net purchase of less than 2 000 MWh, BKW assumes the risks for any quantity deviations in the supply. However, the customer is subject to a reporting obligation for foreseeable changes in the supply (e.g. addition of PV systems, etc.). For net purchases of more than 2 000 MWh, the costs/revenues incurred for deviations outside the contractually agreed tolerance limits shall be passed on to the customer.


The Relax and Relax in tranches procurement solutions do not offer the option of an open delivery share. If you want to freely combine the share of procurements on the forward and spot market, the Energy Balance product is the right one for you.


No, BKW is one of the few energy suppliers that cover the whole of Switzerland. Our customers are SMEs that are represented in all Swiss cantons such as Zurich, Lucerne, Solothurn, Grisons, Zug, Aargau, St.Gallen, Bern, etc.


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