Energy Relax Gas: one-off procurement for budget certainty and predictability

Would you like to get a gas quote as easily as possible and fix your energy price up to three years in advance? With Energy Relax Gas you benefit from the simplicity, budget certainty and predictability of a full supply solution.

The simple gas offer


Cover all your gas needs at once – up to three contract years! Use the contact form to get a quote. This product is a full supply with or without tolerance limits.


  • Easy

    Quick and easy quote via the contact form


  • Carefree

    Budget security and plannability thanks to full supply


  • One time

    Covering the entire gas demand for several years at once


Converting together

Gas is seen as an important intermediate step on the path to a sustainable energy supply. At the same time, BKW supports the opening of the gas market and the freedom of choice and price transparency this creates for end customers. Procurement close to the market enables customers to optimise the price of energy according to their risk appetite. BKW offers easy-to-understand procurement models and advice to enable uncomplicated access to wholesale prices on the gas market. Our technical specialists are on hand to help you find an optimal solution for your gas consumption and support you in switching supplier.


Energy Relax Gas

Choose Energy Relax Gas when ...

... you have a consumption of 3 000 to 30 000 MWh,

... you simply want to receive a gas offer, 

... planning and budget security are important to you.


  • Simple gas offer with standard price 
  • One-off procurement for budget security and planning reliability 
  • Low effort – you can concentrate on your core business

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Our experts will be happy to advise you

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More gas offers

More gas offers

Here you will find an overview of our gas offers

The most frequently asked questions about Energy Relax Gas

The time of procurement is central to the price of energy. The energy price is subject to strong fluctuations in the market depending on various factors such as supply and demand, weather conditions, geopolitical events and other influencing factors. The timing of the deal can have a significant impact on the final price. By cleverly choosing the time of procurement, potential price advantages can be exploited.


In a liberalised market, customers are free to choose their gas supplier. This is the case throughout Switzerland due to the fundamental decision of the Competition Commission of 4 June 2022. Customers are therefore no longer tied to their local gas supplier and can purchase gas from another supplier. BKW will support you in such a switch when you sign a contract.

Yes, you can obtain and conclude an energy offer for several locations together.


For customers with free quantity tolerance, BKW assumes the risks for any quantity deviations in the delivery. However, the customer is subject to a reporting obligation for foreseeable changes in the supply (e.g. addition of PV systems, etc.). In the case of contracts with tolerance limits, the costs/revenues incurred for deviations outside the contractually agreed tolerance limits shall be passed on to the customer.


The Energy Relax Gas procurement solutions do not offer the option of an open supply share. If you want to freely combine the share of procurements on the forward and spot market, the Energy Balance Gas product is the right one for you.


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