Energy Relax Flex: procurement on the short-term spot market

Would you like to remain flexible in your electricity procurement and be guided by spot market prices? With Energy Relax Flex you benefit from low prices when market conditions are good, but you also need to be able to deal with higher ones.

The procurement solution close to the market


With the Energy Relax Flex procurement solution, we cover your entire electricity demand at the effective spot price without your intervention. Your consumption is multiplied by the hourly varying spot price including surcharge. The contract term for Energy Relax Flex is at least two years. However, you can change to a different procurement model once at the beginning of each quarter during the contract period. The end of the new energy supply contract must be at least the same as the originally planned end of the Energy Relax Flex contract.


  • Close to the market

    Avoid speculation on the futures market and get the spot price


  • Flexible

    You can switch to a different procurement model at the beginning of each quarter and thus hedge prices again on the derivatives market

  • Short-term optimisation

    React to price increases/decreases by adjusting your consumption behaviour in the short term


Energy Relax Flex

Choose Relax Flex when ...

... you have a consumption of 100 to 10 000 MWh, 

... you tend to expect lower prices on the short-term spot market than on the forward market,

... you can deal with budget uncertainties because the actual costs are only known at the end of the billing period,

... you are prepared to accept market risks and volatility,

... you have the option of reducing or postponing your consumption when spot prices are high.


  • No speculation on the futures market
  • Flexibility through market proximity
  • Benefit from low electricity prices in the short term

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Energy Business ‒ Your digital customer portal

Energy Business ‒ Your digital customer portal

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Due to the continuing volatility on the electricity markets, energy procurement remains challenging for companies. We accompany you with our expertise and provide you with the necessary know-how to make sound decisions.


Regular webinars on electricity price trends

Regular webinars on electricity price trends

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More electricity offers

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The most frequently asked questions about Energy Flex

The spot market is the day-ahead market where electricity is traded for the next day. This is where supply and demand meet to set the current spot price. The spot price is created by the combination of electricity supply and demand forecasts, weather forecasts, planned maintenance work on power plants, etc.


The spot price can vary greatly and is announced at 11 a.m. the day before for the next day. Since the spot price depends on various factors, it cannot be predicted precisely. According to the processes of the spot exchange, the price spectrum currently ranges from –500 to +3 000 EUR/MWh for the Swiss market. The current prices are publicly available on EPEXSPOT (Market Data | EPEX SPOT).



An energy contract with 100% spot share means that your electricity tariff depends directly on the spot price for the next day. As the spot price can fluctuate at short notice, this can have an impact on the ability to plan your budget. Your monthly electricity costs may vary depending on how the spot price develops. It is important to consider the potential risks and benefits of such a contract to ensure that it meets your individual needs and financial possibilities.


The Energy Relax Flex procurement solution offers the option of switching to another BKW procurement solution at the start of each new quarter during the term of the contract. If you are planning to switch to the next quarter, we recommend that you contact your customer advisor around 30 days in advance. The new energy supply contract must be concluded no later than ten working days before the start of the new quarter.

With the Energy Relax Flex product, there are no risks due to quantity deviations in the delivery, as you purchase 100% of your energy on the spot market. You therefore enjoy complete freedom of quantity.


With the Energy Relax Flex procurement solution, you receive 100% of your energy from the spot market. In this sense, you have 100% open supply share here, i.e. without prior hedging on the forward market. If you would like to freely combine the share of procurements on the forward and spot market, the Energy Balance product is the right one for you.


You have access to the spot price curves on the Energy Business customer portal. You can also find a quick guide on how to check the plausibility of your bill yourself.


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