Energy Relax: one-off procurement for budget security and planning reliability

Would you like to fix your electricity price up to five years in advance and handle your electricity procurement as simply as possible? With Energy Relax you benefit from the simplicity, budget certainty and plannability of a full supply solution.

The simple power supply


With Energy Relax you cover all your electricity needs at once – for up to five contract years! Register to receive automatic electricity offers at the frequency of your choice, which you can conclude at the touch of a button. This product is a classic full supply with a single energy price and complete freedom of quantity for customers with a consumption of up to 2 000 MWh (or 2 000 000 kWh).

  • Simple

    Regular automatic electricity offers that you can conclude at the touch of a button

  • Carefree

    Budget security and plannability thanks to full supply

  • Unique

    Electricity procurement is completed with one click

  • Digital

    Access to the Energy Business customer portal with extensive functionalities

For customers with a consumption of more than 2 000 MWh, this product is only offered with a maximum tolerance band of 10%. The costs/revenues incurred in relation to energy consumption outside the tolerance band are charged or credited monthly.

Energy Relax

Choose Energy Relax if... 
... you have a consumption of 100 to 10 000 MWh, 

... you simply want to receive an electricity quote, 

... you have a constant electricity consumption,

... planning and budget security are important to you.


  • Simple electricity offer with standard price
  • One-off procurement for budget security and planning reliability
  • Little effort – you can concentrate on your core business

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Energy Business - Your digital customer portal

Energy Business - Your digital customer portal

Smart energy management with the Energy Business digital platform

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Follow the market developments

Due to the continuing volatility on the electricity markets, energy procurement remains challenging for companies. We accompany you with our expertise and provide you with the necessary know-how to make sound decisions.

Regular webinars on electricity price trends

Regular webinars on electricity price trends

When is the right time to close? We give you an update on current developments and expectations in the free webinar every fortnight.

More electricity offers

More electricity offers

Here you will find an overview of our electricity offers

The most frequently asked questions about Energy Relax

Your electricity price is calculated based on your individual consumer profile. This profile has an hourly granularity. On the exchange, each of these hours is valued at a different price. The sum of the costs divided by the total quantity results in your individual energy price. The pricing is based on Swiss market prices.

Your electricity price consists of the following components according to importance:

  • Electricity prices on the futures market (exchange)
  • Risk surcharges, including for volume deviations and balancing energy
  • Administration and settlement fee

In addition, a grid usage fee is charged by your local grid operator.

Fill out the “Request a quote” form. After checking your load profile and contact details, a BKW employee will set up an automatic offer. Now you will receive an e-mail with your specific quotation price at the desired periodicity (e.g. daily or once a week). If the price is right for you, you can execute a binding purchase order on the customer portal with just a few clicks.

Customers with a valid contract for the Energy Relax product have access to the following information on the Energy Business customer portal:

  • Information on electricity market developments
  • Contract documents and bills
  • Information on your energy consumption/load profile
  • Possibility to conclude additional contract years

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As an electricity consumer with an energy purchase of more than 100 MW, you have the right to benefit from a free market offer for electricity. A free market offer means that you can freely choose your electricity supplier and decide between different electricity tariffs/products. This allows you to choose the best supplier for your needs. Once you have concluded an energy supply contract, BKW will carry out the change of supplier for you and support you in switching from the basic supply to the free market.

If you buy electricity from BKW, simply look at your bill. If your electricity product is called Energy Green, Blue or Grey, you are still in the basic supply, otherwise you are in the free market. If you are not with BKW, ask your current supplier.

Yes, you can obtain and conclude an energy offer for several locations together.


For customers with a net purchase of less than 2 000 MWh, BKW assumes the risks for any quantity deviations in the supply. However, the customer is subject to a reporting obligation for foreseeable changes in the supply (e.g. addition of PV systems, etc.). For net purchases of more than 2 000 MWh, the costs/revenues incurred for deviations outside the contractually agreed tolerance limits are passed on to the customer.

The Relax and Relax in tranches procurement solutions do not offer the option of an open delivery share. If you want to freely combine the share of procurements on the forward and spot market, the Energy Balance product is the right one for you.


For access to the free market, you need a load profile measurement with hourly reading of the measurement data. If this is not the case, you can request such a measurement from your grid operator. If you are already a customer, you can find the metering data in the Energy Business customer portal.

No, BKW is one of the few energy suppliers that cover the whole of Switzerland. Our customers are SMEs that are represented in all Swiss cantons such as Zurich, Lucerne, Solothurn, Grisons, Zug, Aargau, St.Gallen, Bern, etc.


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