Gas procurement

Whether you need a standardised gas supply, or whether an individual procurement model is the right solution for you, we cover all supply needs and find the solution that’s right for you.


With BKW gas, you benefit in numerous ways

  • Lower your natural gas costs thanks to cheap energy
  • Everything from a single source: full cover with one-stop gas & electricity package
  • BKW will help you switch supplier
  • Transparency and freedom around energy volumes
  • Best integrated advice for your energy portfolio
  • Sustainable, certified biogas

Changing together

We find solutions for a future worth living. Every day we deal with the issues of sustainability, energy transition and climate change. Gas is seen as an intermediate step on the path to a sustainable energy supply. And gas in the form of biogas is renewable. At the same time, we are committed to transparency in the market and free access.  

With market-oriented procurement, the energy price can be optimised according to risk appetite. BKW offers easy-to-understand procurement models and advice so customers can benefit from wholesale prices on the gas market without significant additional expense. Customers can rely on specialist expertise in optimising their activities in the open energy markets.

[Translate to Englisch (CH):] Gas ist die umweltbewusste Zwischenlösung.

Overview of our various gas procurement options

  Standard products Structured procurement    
Product name Energy Trade Energy Portfolio Structured Energy Flexible All-in Energy Balance
Ideal for Energy supply for structured procurement Simplicity and
budget certainty
Flexible, targeted optimisation with strategic components and reduced risk Comprehensive optimisation with strategic components
Characteristics Standard products at market prices at balance group level Full cover in tranches (formula), coverage level 100% Structured procurement, coverage level 100% Structured procurement , coverage level free
Energy price Market price Contract price for the entire duration of the contract Transparent billing Transparent billing
Optimisation options N/A Forward Forward Forward, spot
Balance energy risk N/A Inclusive Inclusive Flat rate

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