Power Grid

The electricity grid is the backbone of modern society. As the operator of Switzerland’s largest distribution system, BKW Power Grid ensures that electricity flows reliably from production facilities to our customers. We plan and build network infrastructure and make the most of the opportunities that digitalisation has to offer to create sustainable living spaces.

Our expertise


We plan, build and operate network infrastructure for sustainable living spaces by combining our knowledge and long-standing experience with the opportunities that digitalisation has to offer. We take an intelligent approach to operating and developing our electricity grid.

We operate an efficient electricity grid

We distribute electricity to one million people in our supply area via 22,000 km of lines and 185,000 grid connections. We add 2,000 grid connections each year. By running our grid safely and efficiently, we can offer our new customers access to it based on their needs.

Our customers are electricity producers, too 

More and more of our customers are becoming electricity producers. Today, over 9,000 photovoltaic installations are already feeding their surplus power into BKW’s grid. Each year, these are followed by another 1,050 new photovoltaic systems.

We are turning the electricity grid of the future into a reality 

We are evolving as an infrastructure operator, increasingly assuming the role of integrated data expert to meet the need for more and more flexible, decentralised energy feed-in and withdrawal from the electricity grid. We use intelligent grid planning and targeted energy data management to guarantee exceptional network stability for our customers in the long term, creating the foundation for expanding photovoltaic installations, heat pumps and electromobility, among other things. In this way, we are doing our part to address the social challenges posed by climate change and digitalisation. 

Our diverse services set us apart

We offer municipalities, industrial customers and energy suppliers a range of products and services including in the fields of public lighting, energy metering and billing, and when it comes to operating and maintaining their own grids and systems. Our customers benefit from a versatile range of services.


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