Strandkai: close to the water

From cooperative living to luxurious residences – in Hamburg’s HafenCity, around 475 residential units are going up in an area of around two football fields. ASSMANN BERATEN + PLANEN GmbH, a BKW Engineering company, is responsible for steering the large-scale project.


The Elbphilharmonie is an architectural symbol of Hamburg. The completion of the striking concert hall also transformed the skyline of the Hanseatic city. And now, the skyline is changing again. Just a stone’s throw from the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg’s HafenCity, the largest inner-city urban development project in Europe, ten new districts with names such as “Überseequartier”, “Elbtorquartier” and “Am Lohsepark” are being built. In one of the quarters – the “Strandkai” – BKW is playing a leading role through subsidiary ASSMANN BERATEN + PLANEN GmbH. Strandkai is a prominent collection of buildings that will shape Hamburg’s riverside skyline and make up yet another attraction as a visible landmark. This is one of the last large building lots in HafenCity, which is surrounded on three sides by water and offers a mix of residential, working, commercial, gastronomic and cultural uses.


Many responsibilities for ASSMANN

Construction work is steaming ahead. The project is currently in the expanded shell phase, including assembly of the façade. The buildings will start being fitted out next year. The multi-layered and complex interfaces in the technical planning and organization represent particular challenges for ASSMANN’s dedicated Project Manager, Claudia Thormeyer. “Multi-storey buildings are a city’s landmarks. To put our potential at the service of this cause and to be part of this development is outstanding,” says Thormeyer.

ASSMANN’s involvement with the project started with advice to investor as part of the joint venture negotiations with the current owners. In addition to project management, ASSMANN is now also responsible for bank controlling and cost estimates. The team has also been responsible for the overall coordination of structural engineering and technical systems. Around 170 experts in 25 specialist disciplines – including technical building equipment, structural planning, property planning and open-air planning with terp walls – are involved in the project.

Planning area
The planning area between Grasbrookhafen and Elbstrom comprises around 14,500 square metres of land. Foto: © moka-studio
«Multi-storey buildings are a city’s landmarks. To put our potential at the service of this cause and to be part of this development is outstanding.»
Claudia Thormeyer, Project Manager at ASSMANN BERATEN + PLANEN GmbH

Cross-functional work

ASSMANN is a cross-functional actor in all specialist disciplines, actively contributing to growth and added value. “As a general planner, we have these core competencies in-house,” says Claudia Thormeyer. Accordingly, the steering function is characterised by in-depth technical knowledge. “In case of doubt, we consult our own experts as soon as possible. I myself have worked in all the architectural disciplines and can use this deep holistic understanding to safely configure steering and convey security to the builder through well-founded recommendations.”


The Strandkai further changes Hamburg's skyline with the new Elbphilharmonie concert hall. Foto: © moka-studio

Residential tower by ingenhoven architects

The planning area between Grasbrookhafen and Elbstrom comprises around 14,500 square metres of land. That corresponds to an area of more than two football fields. A number of residential projects are being built in Strandkai, from moderately priced cooperative apartments to high-end condominiums. Designs for the building complexes were submitted by a number of architectural firms, with the winner determined as part of an architectural competition in collaboration with HafenCity, Hamburg and the responsible authorities. ASSMANN did not take part in the awarding of contracts.

One of the most significant of the multi-storey buildings, the 58-metre-high tower “The Crown”, was designed ingenhoven architects, as subsidiary of BKW, with architect Christoph Ingenhoven. The design concept of the residential tower picks up on the outstanding views that come from the connection of indoor and outdoor areas. Each of the elegant apartments has spacious balconies, making the wide horizon and the panorama of passing ships the backdrop for life in the tower. The Crown’s distinctive supporting structure ends in the eponymous “crown” above the roof. Sustainability is the core competency of ingenhoven architects. Plants, such as the roof terrace planted with rock pears, are part of the design concept.

Impressions of the Strandkai flats

Around 475 apartments

A total of around 64,000 square metres of gross floor area aboveground will be created, with 475 residential units in two towers. All of the buildings are being built on a common, two-storey base known as a “terp”, or dwelling mound. This will house gastronomical and commercial spaces. It will also accommodate the public underground car park with around 420 parking spaces, alongside technical areas and ancillary rooms on a further 29,500 square metres of gross floor area. Because all of the buildings will share a common base structure, both the planning and construction of all buildings will involve significant interdependencies. Upon completion, the entire project will be certified with the HafenCity Ecolabel in Gold.




Construction type


Contruction style

new build


residential construction

Carried work

Investor advising, project management, bank controlling, overall coordination

Project manager

Claudia Thormeyer, ASSMANN BERATEN + PLANEN GmbH


PE Strandkai GmbH & Co. KG (joint venture: AUG.PRIEN Immobilien Gesellschaft für Projektentwicklung mbH and DC Developments GmbH & Co. KG)


Parcel 55: leonwohlhage, parcel 56T: ingenhoven architects; parcel 57T: Hadi Teherani Architekten; parcel 57N: LRW – Architekten und Stadtplaner; BF57S: beHH – baumschlager eberle architekten

Construction cost

EUR 286.3 million, gross

Planning and consultancy (terms)

Investor advisory

Part of the joint venture is DCD Developments, which later merged with AugPrien. ASSMANN BERATEN + PLANEN GmbH supported the process.

Project steering

In the broadest sense, this covers the entirety of all management tasks, organisations, techniques and resources for the initiation, definition, planning, management and completion of projects.

Bank controlling

Reporting on construction progress, current key issues and costs for the financier.


Completion and refinement of the cost calculation by AugPrien based on the LP3 as the basis of the funding.



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