Municipal water

Our specialists at BKW Infra Services and their subsidiaries know what the challenges are in all areas of municipal water management (drinking water, firefighting water, wastewater) and support our customers with dedication and a wealth of experience. We think about the future in a sustainable way and offer secure, high-quality solutions – especially in the context of digitalisation and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Our expertise

  • We build and redevelop drinking water and firefighting water systems and take care of maintenance.
  • We specialise in the construction, maintenance and redevelopment of pipes.
  • We take care of the installation, checks and maintenance of digital network monitoring systems, including services.

Added value for you

Systems and components

We build and redevelop drinking water and industrial water systems and take care of maintenance.

Water pipes and hydrants

Our highlights include intelligent hydrants with a modular water leak detection system (LORNO ®). When it comes to drinking water, we implement complex plants and systems.

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Sewer redevelopment and maintenance

We offer sewer redevelopment, condition analyses and leak tests. Modern equipment means we are able to redevelop defective drainage systems quickly, inexpensively and in an environmentally friendly way. We fix problems around the clock thanks to our on-call service.

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