Operating in the key markets of the future

BKW successfully networks leading companies and corporate groups. With an international reach and regional roots, we offer business customers, private customers and the public sector valuable solutions in the fields of energy, buildings and infrastructure.

The 130 or so companies in the BKW Group stand for resource-efficient energy production, forward-looking infrastructure and energy-efficient buildings.


The production and consumption of energy are becoming more closely intertwined. Photovoltaic systems on the roof are providing power for heat pumps and electric vehicles. At the same time, energy needs are growing because heat and transport are becoming more and more electrified. As a result, the energy business needs to be looked at in a new and integrated manner: renewable production, intelligent distribution systems, more efficient trading and sales, and digitalised and comprehensive customer solutions from a single source. 


Modern and properly functioning infrastructure is of central importance for the sustainable development of society and the economy. It ensures water and energy supply as well as secure transport and communication networks to homes, neighbourhoods, cities, industrial facilities and public buildings such as train stations and airports. 


Living, working, learning, relaxing: most people spend up to 90% of their life inside buildings. The latest technologies and automatic controls increase the quality of buildings and reduce their energy consumption. The buildings of the future will be intelligent and energy-efficient and will function like a small power plant. They will use renewable energy rather than fossil fuel, thus making a significant contribution to climate protection.