Refurbishment of the Töging am Inn hydropower plant and reinforcement of the Inn Canal

To improve the efficiency of the VERBUND Töging power plant, the water level will be increased and the powerhouse in Töging and the weir in Jettenbach-Aschau will be replaced with new structures. Flood control along the Inn at the Jettenbach weir will also be bolstered.

Our tasks

  • Development of a groundwater model with monitoring and evaluation of reference date measurements at groundwater measuring points, flow and water level measurements in running water at around 150 measuring points.
  • Preparation of a technical report on the site’s geology and hydrology as part of the environmental impact study for the plan approval process.
  • Forecast of noise and vibration emissions.
  • Development of a groundwater programme.

Facts & Figures



Construction type

Water and environment

Contruction style

Expansion, refurbishment


Electricity production

Carried work

Groundwater model, contribution to the environmental impact study, noise and vibration forecast, groundwater monitoring programme

Project manager

Dr. Matthias Zeitlhöfler, IFB Eigenschenk GmbH


VERBUND Innkraftwerke GmbH

Construction cost

Total investment of EUR 250 million

Project description

In Töging am Inn, a listed power plant dating back almost 100 years will be replaced with a new one. The Töging power plant’s capacity will be boosted by around 25%. The amount of electricity generated annually will be increased from about 560 million kilowatt hours now to around 700 million kilowatt hours, providing enough environmentally-friendly electricity in the future to power 200,000 households.

This is made possible through the use of three machine units with Kaplan turbines, which will replace the current units. The new structure will be integrated in the current development as carefully as possible. Only two small vents in the slope of the weir – which will otherwise appear untouched – will reveal the existence of the new power plant, and it will therefore not compete with the landmarked structure. The water level and flow of the Inn Canal will also be increased.

The plan was for a new powerhouse next to the current power plant. The impressive listed structure of the old power plant will remain intact, with the new structure integrated in the existing architecture. At the same time, the Inn Canal will be reinforced and the water level of the Jettenbach weir increased by about 0.5 metres. A key objective is improving the environmental impact of the power plant. Extensive environmental measures will protect existing natural habitats and improve their living conditions.