We increased production from renewable energies by 10% in 2018. The new wind farms in France particularly contributed to this. Last year, the Saint-Germier wind farms in the Deux-Sèvres department, opened at the end of 2017, and the two wind farms in Saint-Julien-du-Terroux (Mayenne) and Cruscades-Villedaigne-Ornaisons (Aude) produced electricity all year round for the first time.

Largest BKW wind farm in Cruscades-Villedaigne-Ornaisons
With eight wind turbines and an installed capacity of 18.4 MW, the Cruscades-Villedaigne-Ornaisons (Aude) wind farm is our largest in France. The Saint-Julien-du-Terroux (Mayenne) and Saint-Germier wind farms, each with five turbines, have a capacity of 10.25 MW and 10 MW. Our French wind portfolio comprises 28 wind turbines and has a total installed capacity of 62 megawatts. The wind turbines produce around 156,000 MWh/annum. This is equivalent to the consumption of 24,000 households*.

The French wind farms are managed by our site in Paris and enable us to diversify our geographical presence in France and strengthen our position as the leading Swiss wind farm company both in Switzerland and abroad.

 * Average consumption of a French household: 6,500 kWh/annum

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