On Sentmattstrasse in Obfelden (Zurich), three new apartment buildings have been built that are heated entirely from emissions-free energy. An existing apartment building, constructed in 1973, was also connected to the new buildings. Our subsidiary Balzer Ingenieure was responsible for planning and executing the building technology for this pioneering project.

The key principle of the "2SOL" system is providing buildings with electricity, heat and cool air using locally generated, renewable energy. This system, installed on Sentmattstrasse in Obfelden, harvests thermal and electrical solar-generated energy and uses seasonal geothermal storage. In addition to a large-scale facility with a central building technology system for a total of 109 apartments, there will also be a decentralised system in Obfelden for two designated areas, each containing five apartments.

The challenge for the large-scale Sentmatt facility is to smoothly link all energy sources and consumers, taking into account all operating states. The installation company, Pfiffner, and Balzer Ingenieure will work closely together to optimise the whole hydraulic system.

Sustainable concepts popular with tenants
Like similar projects, Sentmatt shows that sustainable energy supply concepts are increasingly in demand from tenants. The first tenants moved into the apartments in 2017. More than 100 have now been rented after its first year of operation.

More information: balzers-ingenieure.ch


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