BKW makes it happen.

Throughout the course of 2019, we will be launching our new series of videos. Remember: BKW makes it happen. Our short commercials will highlight solutions from our five fields of expertise: BKW Building Solutions, BKW Engineering, BKW Infra Services, BKW Energy and BKW Power Grid.

Because we know that impressive results are achieved through a strong network of people who pull together and combine their ideas. “Regional base, international reach, and together we are unbeatable” – we work together with our customers to find the best solutions.

On our way to becoming the leading energy and infrastructure services provider, we take the long view and are active in doing our part for the key issues faced by society. Combining an efficient mindset with an entrepreneurial spirit, we create infrastructure for the liveable spaces of the future.

How and why is energy clean? 

The Berschnerbach hydroelectric power station near Walenstadt in the canton of St. Gallen is officially in operation. It covers around half of the electricity requirements of the municipality of Walenstadt and supplies 2,800 households with domestic, renewable energy.

Efficient energy from wood chip

Peter Fischer, a farmer in Schleitheim (SH), produces electricity and heat for both his farm and the nearby nursing home from his wood gas CHP plant. The installation was carried out by our subsidiary, Lutz Bodenmüller.

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