Our step-by-step approach

Since October 2020, we’ve been using Ariba Network for the procure to pay procurement process, and we’ll also start digitalising the source to contract process from early 2021.

Digitalising together

BKW is accompanying its suppliers on this digital procurement journey. This switch may take several weeks. We are well aware that suppliers may incur additional costs in the short term as a result of this move. But the medium and long-term advantages far outweigh the costs and pay for themselves.
Let’s PROGRESS together!

We will contact our suppliers by email to provide them with detailed information about the approach and to start the switch to digital procurement. The existing procurement processes will remain in place until the migration to Ariba Network is complete.

The digital procurement journey

Frequently asked questions

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All suppliers will receive an invitation from BKW Group Procurement to register on Ariba Network.
Do you already have an account with Ariba? Click here to register.

Ariba makes a distinction between two different user accounts. Suppliers choose the one that best suits their needs – and are more than welcome to do so in consultation and coordination with their BKW Group Procurement contacts.

We assume that some of our suppliers will require a paid enterprise account. In detail, the differences between the user accounts are as follows:

Standardaccount (free)


Access to basic network functions, such as order management and invoice generation. You also have access via the emails sent by BKW or Ariba.

Click here to read on and find out what you can do with a standard account on Ariba Network. 

Enterprise account (subject to a charge)

In addition to the basic features, this account offers advanced features, such as a search function for orders and invoices, document archiving, reporting, publication of buyer-specific catalogues, connection to your logistics and accounting system, or a support centre.

Click here to read more and find out what you can do with an enterprise account on Ariba Network.

The costs involved in registering for an enterprise account are listed here.

Once a supplier has registered, they’ll be connected to Ariba Network. This is followed by a validation and testing phase before the account goes live. This process takes between six and 22 weeks, depending on the level of integration on Ariba Network.



BKW uses a variety of buying channels on Ariba Network. Together with our suppliers, we work out the appropriate solution for the products and services offered. BKW Group Procurement contacts suppliers as soon as the company is scheduled to cooperate on Ariba Network.



Experience shows that it takes up to six weeks to create/connect a catalogue. The catalogue on Ariba can either be maintained by BKW or the supplier. Meanwhile, it takes up to 12 weeks to create a punchout catalogue, where the buyer is directed to the supplier’s external online shop. The time required largely depends on whether catalogues already exist or whether they need to be created from scratch.



  1. Create the catalogue: the supplier creates the catalogue.
  2. Upload for testing purposes: upload the catalogue to an Ariba Network test account.
  3. Troubleshooting: test access and perform any necessary troubleshooting operations.
  4. Testing by BKW: BKW validates and tests the catalogue.
  5. Upload to Ariba Network: the catalogue is available; digital procurement can begin.
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