Designing living space together –  
with a pioneering spirit

With climate change, digitalisation and urbanisation, society’s needs are constantly changing. BKW and its corporate network are making a significant contribution to maintaining a balance between economic prosperity and environmental stewardship. To this end, we create innovative solutions in the areas of infrastructure, buildings and energy. Our employees are at the very heart of this, pursuing an entrepreneurial, collaborative and trailblazing approach for the good of society and our environment.

Working for society

Society’s needs are changing. We draw on our passion and love for our business to find the right solutions. We work with people who want to move forward, seize opportunities and reach their full potential. We help people to build careers at both a regional and international level.

Take your career, our customers’ projects and the BKW Group to the next level with us.

Creating opportunities

We build long-lasting relationships by being respectful, trustworthy, empathetic and approachable. Diversity is an opportunity. We say what we do and we do what we say. We complement, inspire and learn from one another.
With us, you can make society a better place.

Pioneering the future

Our strength lies in combining different areas, roles and ideas to find a solution. We challenge conventions and break new ground – all thanks to our pioneering spirit. Our focus is on doing business responsibly over the long term.
Join us in designing the living spaces of tomorrow – where people can grow, develop and enjoy life.

What you can look forward to

We offer attractive working models, training and further education opportunities as well as a comprehensive health management system to help you achieve your professional and private goals, progress individually and ultimately take the BKW Group forward.


Meaningful work 

We make a valuable contribution to society and the environment. Together, we design the living spaces of tomorrow, where people can enjoy life.

Remuneration and social benefits 

We offer market-competitive salaries as well as attractive social and fringe benefits. Remuneration is based on role and experience.


Working hours and holidays 

Our flexible working models, such as annualised hours contracts or remote working, give our employees the opportunity to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Career training and further education 

A career with us opens many doors. We nurture specialist and managerial career paths equally, and offer personalised training and development opportunities.


Family and career balance 

Our varied childcare provision, family benefits and employee counselling service help our employees successfully combine their professional and family lives.

Occupational health and safety 

We offer comprehensive services to support our employees’ physical and mental health.


Attractive discounts 

With an employee share scheme, staff restaurant not to mention attractive discounts from third-party companies, there are also a number of additional benefits on offer.


Remuneration, working hours and benefits

BKW offers attractive and market-oriented remuneration, progressive social benefits and a wide range of fringe benefits.

A detailed summary can be found in our general terms of employment.


BKW has a market-oriented and transparent wage policy. Salaries are based on role, experience and expertise. The salary consists of a fixed basic salary plus a variable component and, if applicable, a performance bonus. The basic salary is paid in twelve monthly instalments. The effective amount of the variable component or performance bonus is set annually depending on the achievement of targets.

BKW is committed to equality and pursues a policy of equal pay for equal work. We attach a great deal of importance to this. For more information, see the «Diversity & Health».

We offer all of our employees progressive social benefits.

Social insurance contributions
BKW has its own pension scheme. This is an autonomous and inter-company pension fund under private law. As a defined contribution pension plan, BKW pays almost 60% of the total contributions. 

Child and family benefits
In addition to cantonal child benefits, you will receive a family allowance of up to CHF 150 per month (depending on employment level) over and above the statutory child benefit. 

Salary continuance in the event of incapacity for work
In the event of illness and accident, you will continue to receive a salary of 100 percent of the gross salary for the first six months, 90 percent for the subsequent six months and 80 percent for the twelve months subsequent to this. BKW pays half of the premiums for daily sickness allowance and non-occupational accident insurance.

Our modern working models support give you the opportunity to maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

Flexible annualised hours
Annualised hours give you the flexibility to structure your working day according to your preferences. The average working hours are 41 hours per week (= 8.2 hours per working day). Any overtime worked can be compensated with time off.

Remote working 
Where appropriate and feasible, you can work some of the time from home or while travelling. With a laptop and Work 365, you can stay in touch with your team and customers without any problems. 

Annual leave
Annual leave entitlement is between 25 and 30 working days, depending on age.

Unpaid leave 
Unpaid leave must be agreed with your line manager. 

  • Annual participation in the share capital of BKW AG on preferential terms
  • Subsidised staff restaurant
  • Free half-price travelcard or equivalent reduction on GA travelcard 
  • Discounts at third-party companies (mountain railways, insurance, retailers, gyms etc.)
  • You can apply for support from the Personnel Fund should you incur significant costs (for the education of children, for example, or due to illness) that you cannot pay from your own resources.

Personnel Commission 
The Personnel Commission represents employee interests and concerns in their dealings with BKW as an employer. It consists of 16 BKW employees.

Culture & leadership

Culture and leadership are focused on our vision and strategy.
Together, we design sustainable solutions for our customers for a future worth living in. That is why we work in interdisciplinary teams, with personal responsibility and a pioneering spirit. 

We make a significant contribution to maintaining a balance between economic prosperity and environmental stewardship by providing solutions for a liveable future in the areas of infrastructure, buildings and energy. We pursue a proven strategy aligned around our three business areas with a focus on delivering energy for the future, developing our networks and expanding our services.

We are united by a common culture based around our entrepreneurial, collaborative and trailblazing mindset.

We take responsibility, high performing and results-driven. We think ahead, act pragmatically and seize every opportunity.

We foster long-term partnerships. We are reliable and professional, and establish respectful, appreciative and mutually beneficial relationships.

We identify the challenges of tomorrow. We develop innovative solutions for a worthwhile future. We work a committed, networked and sustainable way to achieve success.

We operate in five strong areas of expertise and are therefore much more than a utility company. Our companies and groups of companies have a regional base and act independently on the market.


BKW Energy
We produce, store and provide energy and energy-related services, and guide customers towards a sustainable energy future.


BKW Power Grid
We invest in our networks and deliver the distribution network of the future. We use intelligently deployed data systems to connect consumers and producers.


BKW Infra Services
We plan and build efficient and integrated network infrastructures in the areas of energy, telecommunications, water and transport.


BKW Engineering
We unite successful engineering, architectural and inspection companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and are reliable partners for construction projects of all kinds.


BKW Building Solutions
We plan and implement energy-efficient building technology solutions to reduce society’s dependence on fossil fuels.


Our personnel policy encourages entrepreneurially-minded and responsible employees with leaders who foster a culture of trust, respect and performance. Vision, strategy and values are our common basis.

Our employees stand out for their entrepreneurial actions, creativity, performance and inspiring collaboration. They are high performers and knowledge bearers who safeguard their employability with a high level of professional and social competence. We have a range of management, project and specialist career paths that are open to talented, highly motivated employees. We are committed to facilitating this progression.

Our managers trust their employees, promote personal responsibility and see change as an opportunity. They are problem solvers who communicate transparently, comprehensibly and based on the situation. It is their role to lay the foundations for successful networked collaboration.

Career training and further education

The world around us is constantly evolving – and we have to evolve with it. Continuous personal and professional development is therefore of the utmost importance! Your manager will be happy to discuss the development options that are available to you. We support you on your development journey and ensure that you remain fit for the market.

BKW supports you with continuous internal and external training and further education in line with the operational requirements and strategic orientation of BKW. 

We offer a wide range of training opportunities, from leadership development and project management to specialist courses. For external training and further education, the financial/time contribution to be made by BKW is agreed with your line manager.

Careers and personal development at BKW are varied and almost limitless: with more than 120 companies within our network, there is a range of different prospects available to you – both nationally and internationally. We promote both specialist and managerial careers.

Diversity & health

Our employees are just as diverse as our customers. Diversity is an opportunity and enriches us all. We are committed to helping you successfully combine work and family life and to keeping you safe and healthy.

We see diversity as an opportunity. Thanks to the diversity of expertise, skills and specialist areas at our company, as well as the different backgrounds, religions, genders and ages, we enrich each other’s lives and learn from one another. By treating one another with kindness and respect, we create a working environment based on equal opportunities. We also provide support for those with specific needs and counselling for employees going through a difficult time.

Parental leave
We offer 16 weeks of maternity leave at a 100 percent salary following the birth of your child. Fathers receive paternity leave of five paid working days. 

Child and family care
We can provide professional advice relating to the care of your children or relatives. We also have a company crèche and contribute to the costs of childcare.

The health of our employees is important to us. Our health management team is there to provide personal, confidential support and advice relating to health, performance, illness and accidents. To support a healthy workplace, we also offer a range of fitness classes (such as yoga, strength circuit, outdoor fitness etc.) as well as subsidised gym subscriptions.

We invest in comprehensive measures to prevent occupational and non-occupational accidents as well as occupational diseases.

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