The list of current concepts and the specially compiled glossary are a quick and easy way of getting to grips with the topic of smart grids. If you select a concept on the system diagram, the links to other concepts, together with the related targets and the affected stakeholders are automatically displayed on the chart. The Smart Grid system comprises a list of all the concepts that are currently under discussion in the industry.

Smart Grid Taxonomy - A system view from a grid operator's perspective

Please save the file and open it in Acrobat Reader. The interactive functionality  for the system diagram does not work in the browser or on most other PDF viewers.

Moving towards an intelligent electricity grid

For grid operators, Smart Grids are an alternative to traditional grid expansion since facilities with irregular production volumes, such as wind or solar installations, are often fed into the lower levels of the grid. Networks that have not been adequately expanded therefore quickly reach their limits. Smart Grids offer a wide variety of technical possibilities. BKW is testing these possibilities and constantly developing them. It is already applying all relevant Smart Grid technologies throughout its network.

BKW advises local authorities and energy distribution grid operators as they move towards a sustainable electricity grid and offers customised solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Email us at smartgrid(at)

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