Digitalising together

BKW will support its suppliers in making the transition to Ariba Network. We are well aware that suppliers may incur additional costs in the short term as a result of this move. But the medium and long-term advantages far outweigh the costs and pay for themselves.
Let’s PROGRESS together!

We will contact our suppliers by email to provide them with detailed information about the approach and to start the switch to digital procurement. The existing procurement processes will remain in place until the migration to Ariba Network is complete.



The way to digital procurement

How digital procurement works

Ariba Network is a cloud-based procurement platform. All procurement processes are mapped on Ariba Network – from tendering to invoicing, including risk management and supplier qualification. The illustration shows the sequence of the ordering and payment process.

What does digital procurement enable our suppliers to do?

They make their products and services available to both their existing and potential customers on Ariba Network. All procurement processes, from ordering to invoicing, are carried out using Ariba Network – electronically, simply, securely and swiftly. Once you’re registered on Ariba Network, you can connect to other customers in the network too.


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