We are digitalising BKW’s procurement operations and are introducing the Ariba Network cloud-based procurement platform for this purpose. This means that we’re automating the ordering process (procure to pay) and making it paperless. But we’re also using Ariba Network strategically to purchase new products and services, and to improve the quality of our collaborative relationships with suppliers (source to contract).

procure digitally together

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Let's PROGRESS together

We want to progress and develop together.
“PROGRESS” stands for BKW PROcurement – Getting ahead, Responsibly, Electronically, Simply and Swiftly. BKW’s procurement operations are evolving, are demonstrating responsibility towards the supply chain, and are being handled electronically, simply and swiftly.

However, digital procurement is only possible in the first place if both parties in the procurement process – i.e. the buyer and the supplier – take the step towards digitalisation together. We’re looking forward to this journey and the improved cooperation that it will bring. BKW will only procure products and services digitally in future.

Why digital procurement, why Ariba?

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Why “Let’s PROGRESS together”?

Joint digital procurement with Ariba Network is advantageous for suppliers and buyers alike:

  • Automated business processes increase efficiency and transparency
  • The procurement process is handled digitally
  • Business processes are presented in a clear and understandable way
  • Administrative costs are cut
  • Manual processing is reduced
  • Sources of error in the workflows are significantly reduced
  • Access is obtained to the largest business commerce network in the world


Our step-by-step approach

From mid-2020, we will handle the procure to pay procurement process digitally, before moving on to do the same with the source to contract process from the beginning of 2021.
However, we are also approaching digital procurement in phases from the viewpoint of both the suppliers and BKW. We will introduce our supplier base to digital procurement with BKW gradually. We will write to our suppliers individually from the point in time when we want to start digital procurement with them.
We will also tackle the rollout gradually from the BKW Group’s point of view.

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