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How we get to know each other

We are delighted that you are taking the first step!
Apply online via the advertised vacancy.

You will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt
so you can be sure that we have received your application.

We take some time to carefully review each application. 
Once the shortlisting process is complete, we get in touch.

Congratulations! Your documents have made us want to find out more about you.
We then invite you to one or two interviews – by video conference or in person.

If the chemistry is right, you will receive a firm offer and that concludes the process.
Welcome to the team!


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You can apply directly online via the advertised vacancy. Create your user profile on our career portal and then enter your contact details. You should also upload your CV, cover letter, diplomas and certificates in a compact form.

We prefer attachments to be uploaded in PDF format. Ideally, all relevant references and diplomas should be combined in a single PDF.

You can change all documents after submitting the application. To do this, after logging in, please click the relevant position in the Job Applications section and change the documents already submitted there.

Do not add the documents to the My Documents section as this is your general user profile and can no longer be used for an application that has already been submitted.

Write us a brief cover letter explaining why you are applying for the position and why you want to work in the area in question. You should also enclose a concise, clearly structured CV as well as all relevant references and education-related diplomas/qualifications in a single PDF.

If you have any questions about the position, please get in touch with the contact persons named in the advertised vacancy. You can also send us specific questions via the contact form.

You will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt so you can be sure that we have received your application and that you will be considered during the selection of candidates. Your potential manager and recruiting partner are responsible for making the preliminary selection (shortlist). If you are one of the most suitable candidates for the advertised vacancy, we will invite you to a first interview.

The process can be quick or take longer depending on the number of applications. Depending on the type of position to be filled, we will invite you to several interviews, job-specific tests or an assessment.

We will keep you updated on the status of your application and will be happy to answer your questions at any time.

To avoid missing out on new vacancies, you can sign up for the BKW Job-Abo (job alert) here. You will receive an e-mailed job newsletter, informing you about any new vacancies at BKW that match your search criteria.

Of course. The BKW Group is always on the lookout for motivated employees. We recommend setting up a Job-Abo. This way, you will be sent suitable positions directly to your inbox.

Simply apply for that position by clicking ‘Apply’ in the advertised vacancy. First, log in with your user name and password. Check your contact details and update your application documents.

Your chances are greater if you apply online for an advertised position as we then know exactly what you are interested in. If you would still like to submit an unsolicited application, however, you can create a user account in the career portal. All employees who recruit for the BKW Group will then be able to see your profile and contact you about any suitable vacancies.

If you have received the confirmation e-mail, we have received your application. The process can be quick or take longer depending on the number of applications. Please contact us if you are unsure or need feedback sooner.

You can have a new password sent to you by e-mail. On the login page, click ‘Forgotten password’ and follow the instructions. Your user name is your e-mail address.

To delete your user profile from the career portal, first log in with your user name and password. You will see the ‘Delete Registration’ option on the ‘Candidate Profile’ tab; click this to delete your profile. Your registration and your stored data will be irrevocably deleted. This will also void any open applications you may have with us.

We use your data exclusively for the application process. Only people who are directly involved in the application process have access to your application data.

Individuals within the BKW Group who recruit for the BKW Group can also view your general candidate profile.

Your profile can be deleted as follows in line with data protection legislation:

  • You can delete the profile yourself
  • Your profile will be deleted automatically after two years of inactivity (no login to your user account)

After the completion of a recruitment process, your application will be anonymised after 12 months in Switzerland and after 6 months within the EU.

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