We are advancing with determination – guided by our vision: we are shaping the future of energy and, thus, of the corresponding infrastructure as well. Straightforward, reliable and interconnected.

We are boldly pressing forward, adapting and diversifying as we go. This requires a strong network of people who pull together and combine their ideas.

Throughout the whole of 2018, we will be presenting a video series featuring stories about people who work with us for a liveable future every day.

Together we are taking the next step in developing leading energy and infrastructure services.

Moussia de Watteville

Moussia de Watteville cares about protecting our environment. Which is why she works for Espace découverte Energie, and as a dry stone waller in the Bernese Jura. The Sentier des Monts connects the Mont-Soleil solar power plant with the Mont-Crosin wind farm, and offers a stunning panoramic view of the Jura and the Alps.

Julian Göhler

The wind can be very changeable: it can suddenly fall still, only to be powering through the rotor blades again a few hours later. Julian Göhler, one of the founders of the startup Wind Energy Trading WET AG, deals with the wind every hour of every day.  He is driven by the desire to make real changes using sustainable energy. He is proud of every day he successfully negotiates the wind’s movements. 

Didier Cuche

Didier Cuche is a father, skier and entrepreneur. He is dedicated to his home country, and invests in a lifestyle that respects his surroundings. When building his new house, he makes sure to use sustainable construction methods and employ renewable energy. We are making his dream reality with our building technology expertise, in collaboration with the architect Andreas Maurer. 

Andreas Maurer

Architect Andreas Maurer designs and builds wooden houses. He loves the smell of freshly cut wood. His projects reflect his dedication to the sustainable use of natural resources, as well as his love of the way new things evolve, with people, for people.  This is reflected in the house he is designing and building for Didier Cuche in the Bernese Jura. 

Jérôme Faehndrich

Jérôme Faehndrich connects people. With the environment, with their homes. He plans and implements electronic installations for our subsidiary inelectro in Jura – energy, made to measure. This works best as part of a team. He is dedicated to protecting the environment, both in his personal and professional life. This comes into play when planning the facilities for Didier Cuche’s new house. 

Livia Anne Richard

Livia Anne Richard loves to tell stories. Stories that move people, that are timeless and universally relatable. As a writer and director for outdoor theatre, she is fascinated by the interplay between actors and nature. This summer, Gurten, near Bern, will be a venue once again. We have been the main sponsor of the Theater Gurten since its foundation. 

Christophe Ballif

Scientist Christophe Ballif tries to make the world a better place. He dreams of achieving a solar cell world record. Together with the team at the Swiss Centre for Electronics and Microtechnology in Neuenburg (CSEM SA), he researches and develops the technology necessary to achieve this ambition. 

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