Joint research

The BKW Technology Centre in Nidau was set up in 2013 to recognise opportunities and identify solutions for a successful energy future given the changing energy landscape and the need for new business models. We also work with universities to turn research questions into concrete projects with the aim of developing new technologies to ensure a successful energy future. 

The aim of the Technology Centre is to take an integrated approach to energy systems. Together with universities and partners from academia and industry, we research the best solutions to meet the future challenges facing the energy market. We also gain practical experience by testing research topics in our own network. We initiate and coordinate collaboration with partners in the following research areas: 

  • Future-proof communications technologies within the power network for smart grid applications 
  • Evaluating and testing local energy storage technologies in combination with decentralised production facilities 
  • Collaboratng in various competence centres run by the Confederation (SCCER – Swiss Competence Centers for Energy Research)
  • Research projects investigating consumer behaviour
  • Trialling integrated solutions with various new technologies
  • Developing new methods and products for distribution network operation

Conceptual and technical basis

The BKW Technology Centre in Bern was set up to identify successful solutions for the future of energy. It lays the conceptual and technical foundations for future facilities, products and services. The Federal Council’s Energy Strategy 2050 focuses in particular on two areas: more efficient use of energy and a higher share of renewables from photovoltaic and wind plants. To achieve this, new storage technologies need to be developed to integrate these energy sources in the existing infrastructure. 

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