New substation in Bassecourt ensures a secure power supply in the Jura region

Renovation work on the entire substation in Bassecourt began in April 2016 and will continue until May 2019. It involves installing space-saving gas-insulated switchgear (GIS), constructing a new building and installing new transformers. The modernisation of this key power supply hub in the Jura region is a milestone. It will ensure a reliable power supply for the region in the future. A time-lapse film shows the size of the construction site.

YouTube Video

The Bassecourt substation is a key power supply hub for the Jura region. It is also an energy grid connection point for BKW, the Basel energy supply company IWB and Swissgrid, Switzerland's national grid company, and therefore provides a high level of voltage to the European transmission grid. The substation is located in the municipality of Haute-Sorne and is owned by us and Swissgrid. The switchgear is also used by IWB. We are investing a total of 25 million francs in the renovation, with IWB and Swissgrid contributing proportionally to the costs. The Bassecourt substation renovation is currently our largest and most significant grid infrastructure project.

Work will be concluded in May 2019 and marked by an on-site celebration with invited guests and local residents.

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