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Would you like to become a BKW Group supplier? BKW’s procurement management team supports you in this process and provides the necessary information and tools.

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At the BKW Group, quality and innovation are top priorities. The ability to develop new products and optimise current production and procurement processes is an essential criterion for our collaboration with suppliers.

As a supplier, you are key to ensuring that we remain competitive. We therefore expect our suppliers to provide high-quality products and services, reliable deliveries, innovations, great flexibility and a willingness to actively participate in the continuous improvement of our company. Cost-effectiveness, reliability of supply and environmental, ethical and social considerations are important to us.

Become a supplier

If you are interested in collaborating with us and wish to get certified as a BKW supplier, please contact the relevant BKW Group procurement team. In exchange, we offer our suppliers a fair and long-term partnership.

Information about the BKW Group Terms and Conditions of Purchase, the Procurement Policy and the Code of Conduct for Suppliers

BKW’s Procurement Policy sets out the binding framework for procurement management across the entire group and, in conjunction with the Code of Conduct for Suppliers, defines BKW’s ethical principles on the market. The Procurement Policy and the Code of Conduct for Suppliers describe both BKW’s expectations of all who carry out procurement with a view to efficiency and a coordinated approach, and BKW’s requirements of its suppliers.

We also expect our suppliers to operate sustainably and in accordance with the law with regard to the procurement process. By signing the Code of Conduct for Suppliers, you (and your business partners) expressly commit to upholding the guiding principles for sustainable, ethical and law-abiding conduct.

If you suspect or become aware of any breaches of guidelines, laws or the BKW Code of Conduct for Suppliers, please notify your BKW contact.

Download Procurement Policy and Code of Conduct for Suppliers

In 2020, we took another step and partnered with EcoVadis. As an internationally recognised standard, EcoVadis ratings provide global benchmarks that are critical to measuring our global value chain performance and transparency. The EcoVadis rating is based on an evidence-based assessment. This covers a range of CSR aspects of the four themes of environment, ethics, labour and human rights, and sustainable procurement. Improving these aspects offers benefits such as reducing the risk of supply chain disruption, protecting the company's reputation or gaining market advantage when consumers demand responsible business behaviour.

Today's supply chains are global, diverse and complex, but at the same time a very powerful lever to make progress on sustainability. That is why we rely on the cooperation and collaboration of all our trading partners. To show our commitment to our customers, we registered with EcoVadis the year before last and went through the assessment. Now we are also using the assessment for our own improvement. Let's make an impact together and with EcoVadis. Register here.

Building Solutions Purchasing

BKW Building Solutions Purchasing is responsible for the following main goods categories:

  • Cooling, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), sanitation
  • Electric
  • Building automation
  • ICT
  • E-mobility
  • Solar

For more information about the BKW Building Solutions Group, see:

Infra Services Purchasing

The purchasing departments at Infra Services manage all procurement required as part of customer projects, and ensure the supply of all the necessary goods and services.

For more information about BKW Infra Services, see:

Purchasing contacts

Find out who to contact:

Your contact at the Arnold Group in Switzerland

Luis Sequeira

Head of Purchasing & Logistics at Arnold AG

[email protected]

Your contact at BKW Building Solutions

Andreas Metzner

Head of BKW Building Solutions Purchasing

[email protected]

Your contact at LTB Leitungsbau GmbH in Germany

Ralf Jaeger

[email protected]

BKW Purchasing

[email protected]