The BKW Group is an international energy and infrastructure services company that organises itself as a strong network. Energy, infrastructure and ecology act as our guiding stars.

Production, supply, and private infrastructures are faced with ever-increasing demands. Resource efficiency is becoming increasingly important. At the same time, climate change triggers more extreme environmental impact around the world.

These changes can become opportunities – that is how we at the BKW Group see it. We develop, plan and implement sustainable solutions to address these new demands. In doing so, we strive to play a significant part in solving global challenges. We are committed to preserving and restoring biodiversity and natural habitats. Our green fund ("Ökofonds") translates this commitment into reality.

Social responsibility requires holistic thinking and consistent action. In order to achieve this, we place our trust in the broad skill range of our approximately 10,000 employees who work for our clients every day. Our staff get involved, develop their skills and live BKW's commitment to society. Together, we are working towards solutions for a future worth living for.

Suzanne Thoma, CEO

Global challenges

As future-oriented energy and infrastructure services provider, we operate in international markets. Three megatrends particularly shape the needs and developments of these markets:

Global warming is one of the major threats to human existence and natural habitats in modern times. Heat and drought periods, floods, storms and changes within entire ecosystems pose substantial challenges to our society. An important response to this is for our energy consumption to be reduced and to become CO2-neutral as quickly as possible.

Urban life continues to attract people from the rural areas. Many cities are growing. Simultaneously, an increasing interdependence between urban and rural areas is developing. The preservation and expansion of this mosaic of old structures and modern extensions require resources and at the same time offer multifaceted living spaces. This creates new demands: Urban areas need to be designed sustainably with intelligent energy supply, modern mobility concepts, and circular consumer solutions.

The real and digital worlds are increasingly merging and becoming more complex. The digital transformation has a major impact on our society and offers new perspectives. This allows decentralised and flexible systems to be linked together in intelligent transport networks or electricity grids. However, digitalisation also questions the status quo of tried and tested ways of doing business. This makes way for new and innovative business models. At the same time, new challenges around data and cyber security require action. 

Solutions for a future worth living for

BKW as a company acts responsibly together with other players in society. We strive to find answers to these trends and contribute to a future worth living for. In our actions and with our products and services, we aim to play an active part in the sustainable development of our society, the economy, and the environment. BKW's core objective is to create solutions for the design of sustainable infrastructures and living spaces. 

We are modernising our production facilities and distribution systems so that clean energy is efficiently available as and where needed. Together with our partners, we are investing in renewable energies for low carbon electricity and heat generation, intelligent grids and innovative storage and control solutions. Fifty percent of energy is consumed in buildings today. As a provider of comprehensive building technology solutions, we can make a significant contribution to both reducing CO2 emissions and decreasing (or even removing) the dependence on fossil fuels in buildings. Our solutions increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and emissions and help to strengthen the resilience of living spaces and infrastructures. This adaptation is more and more required to face the challenges posed by climate change.

We see ourselves as an active part of society committed to achieving the Agenda 2030 with the Sustainable Development Goals and Switzerland's Energy Strategy 2050. We are aware that we must improve in certain areas as well, if these goals are to be achieved. We are working to understand and continuously optimise the social and environmental impact of our business activities. In order to do this, we look at our entire value chain: products and services, business operations and supply chain.


02.07.2019: BKW is the first listed Swiss company to launch a green bond. The money flows exclusively into green projects, i.e. to refinance the construction of various small hydroelectric power plants and wind farms. BKW thus contributes to two of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals: We offer access to sustainable energy and take urgent action to combat climate change. Find out more on our Investor Relations page here.

BKW sees itself as part of a global community and strives to make an active contribution towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the Agenda 2030.

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