We maintain a broad network of suppliers within and outside of Switzerland to provide services in the energy, networks and services business areas. With an annual purchasing volume of more than half a billion Swiss francs, we can rely on a substantial lever to advance sustainability in upstream stages. Sustainable procurement is characterised by the fact that it not only contributes to economic success, but also creates decent working conditions in the domestic market as well as abroad and aims to minimise its negative impact on the environment.

As an active member of öbu - the association for sustainable management - we are involved in the sustainable supply chain work group. In May 2019, we had the opportunity to discuss the topic of "sustainability-related risk analysis in the supply chain" with representatives from a dozen companies. The joint work and the exchange among the companies will be continued. These interactions will help us to further develop our procurement in the coming months and years.

We set out the guiding principles for sustainable, ethical and law-abiding conduct in our Supplier Code and in our General Terms and Conditions of Purchase. We require our suppliers and service providers to adhere to these guiding principles.

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