Security is our top priority – when supplying energy and when using data

As an energy and infrastructure service provider, we make an important contribution to reliability of supply. That means the security, quality and reliability of our power plants, networks, electronic systems and data are of key importance.

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Secure networks and reliable electricity production

The BKW supply network forms part of Switzerland’s critical infrastructure. We supply over a million people with reliable electricity and operate a diverse portfolio of power plants. Our failure rate is consistently low, with very few power cuts compared with Switzerland as a whole.

One key figure for reliable electricity production is availability, as it allows a qualitative and quantitative insight into maintenance and investment. Our larger run-of-river power plants generally achieve availability of over 97%. The maximum security standards that we uphold in our power plants don’t stop at operations – they apply to dismantling as well. For the decommissioned Mühleberg Nuclear Power Plant, we are leading the way for this kind of work in Switzerland.

Man in the BKW Central Control Centre
BKW monitors its infrastructures at the central control centre.

Removal of the fuel elements in Mühleberg

Removal of the fuel elements in Mühleberg

The removal of the fuel elements to the interim storage facility in Würenlingen started as planned in spring 2022 and will take about two years.

Cyber security, data governance and data protection

The digital transformation offers us numerous opportunities for improving the efficiency and quality of our infrastructures, products and services. But greater interconnectivity brings heightened risks in the areas of cyber security, privacy and data protection.

Meanwhile, large volumes of sensitive data are accruing in every business area. To counter these risks, we have implemented an ambitious cyber security strategy and established Group-wide data governance. The security of personal data related to our customers, business partners and employees is a top priority.

Two men looking at something on a laptop

Fast 90 Prozent der Gebäude in der Schweiz sind anfällig für Hacker

Fast 90 Prozent der Gebäude in der Schweiz sind anfällig für Hacker

Intelligente Technik aber wenig Absicherung: Insbesondere in älteren Gebäuden wird die Cybersicherheit noch vernachlässigt. Mit fatalen Folgen.