We protect natural resources and promote the circular economy

We strive to operate in harmony with nature. We promote the circular economy with targeted measures, use natural resources thoughtfully, and make an active contribution to the protection of biodiversity.

Green power plants

We minimise our impact on ecosystems and landscapes in power plant construction and infrastructure projects. The majority of our power plants are certified “naturemade” or “naturemade star”. Around 40 projects dedicated to upgrading the environmental performance of our hydropower stations are currently in progress. We are introducing measures to ease fish migration, reduce the impact of hydropeaking and improve the sediment regime.


Impianto idroelettrico con scala per pesci dall'alto

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Forellen und Lachse vor!

Forellen und Lachse vor!

Wasserkraft ist sauber und die wichtigste Energiequelle in unserem Land. Allerdings schränkt sie die Fische in ihrer Wanderung ein. Das soll sich bis im Jahr 2030 schweizweit ändern.

Restoring and upgrading natural habitats

The BKW eco fund is an important tool for restoring natural habitats and promoting biodiversity. Customers who buy «naturemade star»-certified electricity from BKW contribute 0.7 centimes per kilowatt-hour of electricity to the fund. “naturemade” is the Swiss seal of quality for energy from 100% renewable sources. This quality seal is supported by bodies such as the WWF, Pro Natura and the Konsumentenforum consumer association, and is awarded by the Association for Environmentally Sound Energy (VUE).


BKW eco fund

BKW eco fund

For 20 years now, one centime per kilowatt hour of electricity sold from naturemade star-certified hydropower has gone to the BKW eco fund. These funds are invested back into nature: CHF 14,5 million have already been invested in about 300 projects to improve watercourses.