“Our strategy is robust and successful. It has also worked well this past year in the face of coronavirus.”

Die BKW hat ihren Erfolgskurs im Geschäftsjahr 2020 fortgesetzt. In this interview, CFO Ronald Trächsel talks about uncertainties during the first coronavirus lockdown and explains BKW’s formula for success.

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Thematic videos

  • #InfrastructureSolutions


    Urbanisation and climate change are transforming whole villages, towns, cities and agglomerations. Creating sustainable infrastructure from this growth will take major investment. This is where individual service providers quickly reach their limits. These complex tasks are better suited to interdisciplinary networks which show the way ahead.

  • #BuildingSolutions


    Living, working, learning, relaxing: most people spend up to 90% of their life inside buildings. Technology will turn the buildings of the future into small-scale power plants – intelligent, comfortable and energy-efficient.

  • #EnergySolutions


    The production and consumption of energy are becoming more closely intertwined. Photovoltaic systems on rooftops are providing power for heat pumps and electric vehicles. At the same time, energy needs are growing because heat and transport are becoming more and more electrified. That means we need to re-think the energy business.