Regional roots, international network

BKW is a company with a long history. We have delivered pioneering services in many different regions. In a time when the international energy industry is in a state of flux and the future cannot be predicted in detail, success takes more than just courage and a good strategy.

It takes perseverance, an entrepreneurial mindset and focussed work to continue driving change in this challenging context. BKW has its roots in the Bern region, but has been active beyond this region for a long time. We have been both domestically and internationally active for many years, and are driving the transformation into an energy and infrastructure service provider. 

BKW is based on three pillars: strengthening energy supply, developing networks and expanding our services. In a fast-changing environment, this strategy is particularly robust, as it means we don’t have to wait until the market situation develops to suit our needs. 

We are developing and finding success.

The energy industry is changing. Energy production for sale on the market is currently running at a loss. BKW has the advantage here in that we pass on around 15% of our production costs to loyal customers and are able to obtain a solid return from our grids; however, the majority of our production is exposed to market rates.

BKW recognised this development early and adapted its strategy accordingly in 2012. In a fast-changing environment, BKW stands for sustainable and economically viable solutions. We make significant contributions to societal development in the fields of energy and modern infrastructure.

In doing so, we are adopting a strategy that gives us stability, makes us independent of developments in electricity prices and provides us with the necessary agility. We depend on three areas of business: energy, networks and services. Without development in related or expanded business areas such as services, and significant cost reductions, BKW would be in a far weaker position today. 


Intelligently guaranteeing reliability of supply

Low electricity prices, the phasing out of nuclear power, increasing investment demands for hydroelectric power, and the increasing uncertainty with regard to import opportunities from Germany and France all present a growing challenge to the reliability of supply in Switzerland. In the context of the 2050 Energy strategy, the government has not yet established a concrete plan for ensuring reliability of supply in future.

BKW employs a model based on capacity markets. In its simplest form, this refers to an additional market for reliability of supply, where a central authority defines the necessary power plant capacity and procures this centrally. A capacity market would create targeted investment incentives and a basis for short- and long-term stability of supply. 

BKW panel discussion ‘Electricity supply 2.0: capacity markets for reliability of supply’

In the context of the SwissECS 2017, BKW invited participants to take part in a panel discussion on ‘Electricity supply 2.0: capacity markets for reliability of supply’ with Urs Meister, head of Regulation & Market analysis. Panel guests included Felix Nipkow, project manager for Electricity & Renewables at the Swiss Energy Foundation (SES) and Hannes Weigt, Professor of Energy Economics at the University of Basel. A controversial discussion moderated by Klaus Ammann followed, addressing a number of critical questions.

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